It's officially spring!


Kick off to spring

March sort of came in like a lion but it's going out like mutant lamb. This will undoubtedly be one of the strangest kick off to spring seasons of my career as a landscape designer. Normally even though I don't put a booth in the Regina Spring Home show I do see a influx of business after it is over.  This year my busy season will kick off with little fan fare but it doesn't mean I won't still be going strong helping people achieve their dream yard.

The new normal

What has changed quite suddenly is the way I will operate and proceed with my consultations. I want to protect my community during the COVID-19 pandemic so in order to do this I will be conducting phone consultations with all my clients. Prior to this consultation I will do a site visit and do my usual measuring and photographing of the space. Once this is complete we can setup either a video call or phone call to discuss the wishlist for the yard.

It might not be business as usual in the sense of getting to look someone in the eye to gain their trust and shake their hand show my professionalism but I can work around the concerns. In the past I have done many remote consultations due to the distance of the property and I have full confidence in that method. In this instance this spring it will be even easier because for Regina and surrounding area I will be able to get on site to measure myself. There may be less interaction but it won't change my committment to ensuring the designs are completed with the same care and attention to detail they always have been. 


Designer Alicia Putz

Spring to do list

We will have time to get started on our yard cleaning and preparations with our empty calendars so let's take advantage of it! Here are a few things you can work on while you wait for the temperatures to rise and the  ground to thaw.

1. Put away any winter decor that is till out

2. Tidy up garage

3.  Put out a few chairs to enjoy the sun when you take a break

4. Cut back perennials that didn't get cut in the fall

5. Plan your vegetable garden

6. Find your plant tags or photos from last season and plan your containers

7. Pick up dog poop

8. Organize the garden shed

9. Put away winter toys or sports equipment into summer storage

10. Prune trees or shrubs before they leaf out


Hopefully with enough sunshine, fresh air and dirt under our fingernails we can all stay sane and healthy!