Design packages are customized to suit you. This customization takes into account your style, size of property and of course budget for the project. If you would like more specific pricing for your property send some photos and property size along with your inquiry.



~180 Site visit to explore the yard's potential. Recommendations left with the homeowner at the site visit can include a hand drawn sketch of the layout or a plant list.



~360+ Front yard

~600+ Back yard

~725+ (6000 sq ft property) Full property design

All designs inlcude the following:


~Enlarged blueprint of the plan

~Materials list

~Plant list

~Tips sheet

~ Contractor/supplier list

~Video walkthrough: View sample's on Thrive’s You Tube channel This item available only for back yard and full lot plans.



~500 With your Thrive design package complete let me obtain 3 quotes from landscapers and prepare an analysis so you can make an informed decision on who to hire for your project. This service does not include on site project management of the landscaping.



Consultations are booked on a first come first serve basis. Wait times for a consultation can be 1 month or more during the high season (April-September)


2 weeks-1 month

Proofs usually get to the client within a few weeks of the consultation. Time frames vary depending on the time of year they are booked.

Pricing is based on properties in Regina and surrounding area